Sunday, August 14, 2011


Double header at Dixon on a rainy night just before dark.

 I caught these and many more Colorado Cutthroats out of Long Draw the other day; the water was crystal clear. I was able to sight fish, watching them come up from the bottom and take the fly was amazing.
My buddies big rainbow from Parvin, according to him based on the markings on the side of its head it is from the brude stock and was probably recently released in the lake.
A rattlesnake that I almost stepped on at the North Fork of the Poudre below Seaman Reservoir. This place has a lot of rattlesnakes so be careful and leave your dog at home if you go. 
My beautiful girlfriend comes out to support my fishing. She's so wonderful!


  1. You want to see snakes, come on down to SC and I'll give u more than you can handle. Copperheads, 3 types of rattlers, water mocasins, and a few others that love this hot weather. I've even unwittingly fed a few my trout. Those beautties you got would make a nice meal for them though. Nice outing!

  2. Great fish and it is awesome to have someone support your addiction! Great blog, you got a new follower!