Sunday, May 8, 2011


My parents and I took my dads boat out this weekend and we an awesome day on the water. My mom was trolling a worm on a crawler harness while my dad and I fished the shallows with crankbaits. We did really good and caught more than just a sunburn.
My dad started things off with this healthy rainbow

Then I got this one in the boat, but my mom had one on at the same time that's right double header.
Exact quote: "You better take a picture of this motherfucker"
This was definitely the fish of the day.
I finally got a bass like I was trying for all day, it was wierd having those rainbows chase down our crankbaits, but really fun, they sure can jump when they get hooked up.
Another nice rainbow to cap off a great on the lake.


  1. That is awesome!!! Love the Mom quote. Only fitting that she catch the biggest fish on her day. Well done.

  2. Yeah, it was nice for her to get the big one and she usually doesn't cuss so that was pretty hilarious too.